The beautiful island of Elba, Tuscany -  Located just 10 miles from the Tuscan mainland, its mild climate, rugged and varied coastline, more than 70 beaches, crystal clear water and delicious food and wine, make it an extremely popular holiday destination. Those venturing inland are rewarded with fabulous walking trails, gently rolling hills and unspoilt countryside, a great variety of nature and wildlife as well as the splendid sight of Mount Capanne, towering to over 1,000 metres.

A different scene every day. In Elba, you can choose between cliffs, rocks, or sand beaches. The sand varies in color from white to gold to red to black. The rocks?  They range from gravel to stones to steep cliffs.driven by the thrill of exploration, you can conquer the wild coves of the Innamorata and Calanova, reachable only by boat. Maybe you’re inclined to try windsurfing in Chiessi, or perhaps you want to relax on the beach, lulled by magical light dancing across clear waters.  There are so many things to do and see!

The Island of Elba has something for everyone. It is a fabulous host and will satisfy the desires of every visitor.  Elba invites you to envelope and rejuvenate yourself in her vibrant spirit.

Leave the grey behind and dive into the colors of “isola Elba.” Gaze up at the sky in Elba on a winter’s day and you will be amazed at the vibrancy of the colors that are the essence of this island. From the flaming dawn of Rio Marina to the northeastern blue skies on a windy day to the sunsets of Pomonte, every day is unique and spectacular. The color palette of Elba, Tuscany is infinite. Enjoy the colorful blooming flowers of spring, the infinite shades of blue in the sea, the iron-red dirt or the brilliant granite… 


Situated right on the seafront of Cavo, on the Island of Elba; detached house, on 3 level.  The sea is right in front of the house; the village of Cavo is a couple of hundred metres away,  a small, pretty, and quiet seaside town but has all necessary stores , farmacy etc..


First floor with 2 double bedrooms , a lovely full bathroom with shower, spacious living/dining room opening onto a large terrace, with wonderful unspoilt sea views. Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, fridge/freezer, washing machine, oven and burners, garage, shower and WC for after the beach. ADSL and wi-fi. Easily fits 6/7 people. Upper attic floor has a further doouble bedroom and full bathroom with shower. 

The house, with central heating, is even suitable for holidays during winter and spring, thanks to its panoramic position with enviable views and it is a perfect location for fishing lovers.


The village, situated on the extreme North of the Island of Elba bordering the Tuscan Parco dell'Arcipelago and one of the biggest mineral parks in Europe, extends along a gulf with sandy beaches, cliffs and coves. The contrast between the deep blue sea water and the green of the pine vegetation framing this unique landscape is something special. These amazing backdrops are heaven for those that love nautical sports and scuba diving.

Cavo is the nearest village on Elba to Piombino, and is easy to reach by hydrofoil and by ferry.

The natural channel between Elba and the coast of mainland Tuscany creates wind currents, meaning that the sea is always perfect for sail boating. It is no surprise that this village is home to an excellent tourist port and a yacht club that organises courses and excursions for aspiring sailors (young and old).


Nearby you can visit Etruscan and Roman remains and though Napoleon may not have left traces in the area of his Elban exile, a plaque reminds us of the time spent here by the Hero of the Two Worlds: Garibaldi stopped right here on this beach (the one shown in the photo) while he was travelling towards Caprera in 1849.


The perfect place for those who love quite walks and trekking, of varied levels of difficulty, thanks to the many routes that run through the maquis shrubland (macchia mediterranea) without ever losing sight of the sea. 

Excellent restaurants and pizzerias, shops for all your needs. All “at your fingertips” for an unforgettable holiday.


Cavo, a small sea resort, lies at the foot of Mount Grosso, in front of the small islands of Palmaiola and Cerboli.

This beautiful place is characterised by the long and vast sandy beach, bordered by the small peninsula of Capo Castello. The turquoise blue sea waters are in stark contrast to the green of the pine trees that cover the hills right up to Capo Castello. Once upon a time this was home to Cala Volbiana, where ships landed ever since ancient times.

The name of the villages seems to derive from the Latin “cavus”, meaning cove or from "caput", which means promontory, delimiting the gulf towards north. Near Cavo there are numerous archaeological highlights: many Etruscan ovens, artefacts from Neolithic times, a Roman anchor found in the coastal waters and, near Capo Castello, the ruins of Villa Romana di Faleria Nearby you can find the magnificent cove, between Capo Vita and Capo Castello, known as Frugoso beach. On the seafront you can find the 18th century villa of the Tonietti family, miners on the eastern coast. A marble plaque marks the fact that Garibaldi stopped in Cavo in 1849, briefly interrupting his travel towards the Island of Caprera. Notable and visible from the ferry, is the fantastic Tonietti Mausoleum, designed by the architect Coppedè.

It is well worth the walk between the pines and woods to see it up close. The extraordinarily clear marine waters, the sandy beach surrounded by pine trees and maquis shrubland and the little Isola dei Topi together make up a breathtaking picture of landscape and environment. This piece of paradise offers all the radiant beauty of the landscape of Elba. Its beaches and coves set among picturesque cliffs, are notable for the blue sea, are clean and rich with flora and fauna and are set against a backdrop where guests can play water sports and go scuba diving. Cavo has excellent tourist facilities, numerous restaurants, a supermarket, a yacht club, a new tourist port, a playground and outdoor cinema.  It is directly connected to the mainland by ferry and Hydrofoil (Toremar and Moby).